WA safety measures welcome

UnionsWA has today welcomed the announcement by Premier McGowan of measures to improve work health and safety.

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Stone work danger standard reviewed today

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Following the diagnosis of silicosis affecting over a hundred workers in Queensland, the extent of this epidemic in WA will unknown until a recently announced program of workplace inspections by WorkSafe is complete. Two months ago, there were three publicly confirmed and recent diagnoses. However, sources have confirmed a further two such cases in WA. As Federal and State Government work safety representatives meet today to consider a new work heathy and safety standard for exposure to silica dust, UnionsWA has called for that standard to be set at a world best, not a mediocre level. Exposure to silica dust is commonly caused through working kitchen benchtops and in mining and studies have established a fatal link with the incidence of lung cancer, silicosis and fibrosis. The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia has also provided comment on its health monitoring services and expertise currently available to sufferers.

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Pay decision not enough for living costs

UnionsWA has today commented on the decision by WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Wage Case, which sets wages for around three hundred thousand working West Australians on the WA Minimum Wage and reliant State awards including many trainees and apprentices.

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ABS: WA pay rises lowest in nation

UnionsWA has commented on the release today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of the Wage Price Index series to March 2019.

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WA poll: Working people want a plan on pay, secure work

A poll of key WA marginal electorates (Swan, Pearce and Hasluck) with 1,526 respondents, has revealed that pay rises for working West Australians are either insufficient or non-existent and this will be an important issue in determining the Federal election result

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Budget 2019

UnionsWA has commented on the release today by the McGowan Government of the 2019-20 WA State Budget.

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Industrial Manslaughter Reform Needed

UnionsWA has today renewed calls for industrial manslaughter law reform at national and state levels as today working people and unions commemorate International Workers' Memorial Day in Perth and with voting having just begun in the 2019 federal election. 

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Workers' Memorial Day 2019


Workers' Memorial Day will be held at 10am on Monday 29th April at Solidarity Park, corner of Parliament Place & Harvest Terrace, West Perth.

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FIFO Code: People Before Profits

UnionsWA has welcomed the release today by the McGowan Government of a Code of Practice for Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) work (available online here),


UnionsWA Assistant Secretary, Owen Whittle addressing media (2/4/19) on the FIFO code.

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New poll: West Australians support manslaughter reform

UnionsWA has today released results from a poll commissioned by the ACTU on community attitudes in WA to industrial manslaughter law reform. This poll follows the recent release by the federal government of the Boland Review Report on national work health and safety laws which has recommended industrial manslaughter law reform. The WA Government is currently considering the need for this and other work health and safety reforms in WA.

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