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Silica Dust Danger Report

UnionsWA and the Asbestos Diseases Society of Australian have today responded to the recent release by WorkSafe WA of a report on its monitoring of workplace exposure to silica.  Silica is the main component in manufactured stone benchtops, as well as being a workplace hazard in other sectors. Exposure to silica dust is a major factor in the incidence of silicosis as well as other debilitating lung conditions. The federal government has also recently released its own report, the National Dust Diseases Taskforce Report, on these dangers, but failed to act safely in decisions to prevent the risk of silicosis and other health risks that arise from exposure.

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WA pay decision: “A step forward”

UnionsWA has today commented on the decision of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission in handing down the State Wage Case. The State Wage Case determines both the WA Minimum Wage and WA Award levels of pay, including for apprentices and trainees. Around a quarter of a million working West Australians have their pay determined by this decision.

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New alliance for fair public sector pay

Western Australian public sector unions have formed a new alliance comprising public school teachers and support staff, health workers, prison officers, firefighters, engineers, community service workers and those in our rail system, among others. It will work to reform the WA Government’s wage fixing policy. WA State Wages Policy imposes a cap to increases meaning a decline in real terms for six years for the vast majority of those we rely on to deliver essential health, education, community safety and other services.

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ABS data points to Public Pay Recovery Risk

UnionsWA has today commented on data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that WA pay rises over the past year were at 1.4%, just below the national rate.  WA needs a skilled workforce.  This is hard data that labour market pressures stemming from low pay rises put at risk our recovery and pandemic response.

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Cyclone Asbestos Risk Preventable


UnionsWA and the Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia have today called for a greater effort to prevent risks associated with asbestos exposure associated with natural disasters.

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Workers' Memorial Day


Workers' Memorial Day is held on 28 April each year at Solidarity Park, corner of Parliament Place & Harvest Terrace, West Perth.

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New Support to Fight Wage Theft


In the fight to stop wage theft, UnionsWA has today launched a new website and an associated supported referral service, Pay Rights.

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New Leadership at UnionsWA

UnionsWA has confirmed leadership arrangements following the decision by Meredith Hammat to stand as the WA Labor candidate for Mirrabooka. The Executive and Council of UnionsWA have formally appointed Owen Whittle as Acting Secretary of UnionsWA. Owen has been Assistant Secretary of UnionsWA since 2013.

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Mid-Year Review – good, could do better

UnionsWA has commented on the release of the Mid-Year Review for 2020-21.

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New silica & coal dust safety standard welcomed

UnionsWA has today welcomed an important announcement by WA Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston that significantly reduces the workplace safety standard for exposure to silica and coal dust.

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Unity training