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Work Health and Safety

Everyone deserves to be safe at work and undertake work that does not harm your health. The following information sheets have been prepared by Unity Training Services and others. Note the second page of each sheet includes information should your health or safety be effected at work in one of these ways:

Further information that may help protect you and your co-workers include:

We've been in the media recently warning about the hazards associated with exposure to silica dust.  Our full statement for media is available here.

From our Work Health and Safety Survey so far, workload and stress has been identified as the single greatest concern for working people. Recently UnionsWA Assistant Secretary Owen Whittle spoke to media about this issue.

UnionsWA Assistant Secretary, Owen Whittle gives a brief summary of the key issues facing us for work health and safety law reform in WA.

More detailed information about the review of WA work health and safety laws and related resources are available online here.

Have you completed our short online 2018-19 Work Health and Safety Survey?  If not please click here to help make our advocacy stronger

We've been in  the media recently and you can check out our latest public statement here. Other work health and safety released have included the close of submission for the current review of WA work health and safety laws (see here) and remembering the disaster of Wittenoom (see here).

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