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The Public Good


The Public Good is a union and community campaign led by UnionsWA and public sector unions. Our supporters come from across the WA community. The Public Good is about highlighting the prominent and positive role that the public sector workforce plays in the lives of Western Australians.

This campaign builds on the success of the Save Our Services campaign, which fought the Barnett Liberal National Government’s cuts to public services and successfully fought against privatisation. We believed that to secure better policies there needed to be a change of government at the last state election.

Government has changed and times have changed.

Our public sector ensures that people most in need can access health care, schools, public roads and transport and other services. 

The public sector serves us all, including the vulnerable in society.

Public sector workers deserve a fair go. Like all Western Australians, they need to be paid fairly so that their pay keeps up with the cost of living.

We believe privatisation undermines the quality of our public services. Privatisation leads to the loss of public sector jobs, rising costs of services, maintenance and safety concerns and a loss of future income and the capacity of our public sector.

We will always take a stand against Governments who have a privatisation agenda.

We encourage the current state Government to value our public sector workers and to invest in our public sector for the benefit of the whole community.

Owen Whittle, Secretary UnionsWA 


For queries please contact Rebecca Doyle at [email protected]


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