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Unionists for Climate Justice

Climate justice is a union issue. We are a group of union members from across private and public industries, who are concerned about climate change and its effects on people and planet - in both the short and long term.

Climate change is happening now. It's urgent. It won't leave us with a stable environment or stable economy - unless we act RIGHT NOW to get it under control. The transition is happening whether governments or corporations like it or not. Workers need to be both prepared and a part of the process.

We stand together, committed to achieving a fair and just transition from an old economy with high emissions to a newer, more equitable, zero emission economy with fair employment opportunities for all, including those workers and community currently dependent on fossil fuels. And we are committed to making sure that no-one is left behind in our transition.

We recognise that those who have contributed the least to causing climate change, those who are less financially secure, who are more marginalised in society, or who have fewer opportunities to avoid global warming, are often the first casualties in a heating planet.

We pledge to work in solidarity with other grass roots organisations to increase awareness of the need to act NOW if we are to have a chance of avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of global warming.

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