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Anna Stewart Memorial Project


The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is a five-day development program aimed at increasing women's active involvement in unions. Participants learn about how unions work and receive training in a supportive environment on key aspects of union organising and growth, with a focus on women's involvement and why unions are so critical for women.


The Project was created in tribute to a long-time campaigner for women's rights and prominent Victorian union official, Anna Stewart, who tragically died in April 1983. Anna's involvement with the union movement began at a time when women workers were poorly paid, lacked job security and skills recognition.

Disappointingly, women are still fearful of job insecurity, paid lower wages than men and are under-represented in leadership and decision-making positions. The Project empowers women to get active in their unions and workplaces to tackle these issues.

What is the purpose?

The Project is designed to:

  • facilitate greater involvement of women in the trade union movement and develop the skills and knowledge of women unionists through specific training in a supportive environment;
  • return activists and workplace leaders to their workplace and their union with a greater knowledge base and expanded skill set;
  • encourage unions to support women in elected and leadership roles within unions; and
  • promote a greater awareness of the important contribution women can make to the development and growth of their union.

What does it involve?

During the week, there will be a mix of training sessions, panel discussions, presentations by influential women leaders in unions, politics and law, visiting State Parliament, seeing an industrial tribunal in action, and spending a day at their union.

Participants will learn about union history, organising and campaigning, the basics of industrial law and making change through politics.

Should you apply?

If you are a union member and want to develop your skills and knowledge, make an important contribution to the development and growth of your union and have more involvement in the union movement more broadly, you should apply!

The Anna Stewart Memorial Project will run from Monday 9 October to Friday 13 October 2023. 

You must be nominated by your union to attend. Nominations are due Wednesday 6 September 2023. Please contact your union for more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Remi Kelly, Workforce Development Officer at UnionsWA, on 08 6313 6009 or [email protected].

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