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Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN)

Under the WA Work Health and Safety Act 2020, Division 7, a trained Health and Safety Rep (HSR) can issue a PIN to the PCBU (Employer) to resolve a health and safety issue - especially where matters have not been agreed between parties after lengthy discussions.

PINs can be issued for physical and/or psychological issues.

There is also no requirement for 'how serious' the matter has to be, before issuing a PIN.

There is also no minimum timeframe for when a PIN can be issued, however, HSRs must consult with the PCBU on the matter prior to issuing a PIN including considering the company's views, and giving the PCBU (employer) a reasonable opportunity to resolve the issue.

UnionsWA advises all HSRs that you and the workers you represent, should not reach 'breaking point' before a PIN is considered.

This includes when a matter is leading to an increase in absenteeism, staff turnover, loss of productivity, workplace conflict, and of course a continuation or rise in related injuries and workers' compensation claims.

It is highly recommended to review the WorkSafe guidance available to HSRs here, and FAQs, around the issuing of PINs.


Sample PINs:

Violence & Aggression - click here

Consultation - click here

Ready to issue a PIN?  

Download a PIN Form from the WorkSafe WA website here.

WorkSafe can be contacted for general support with a PIN - ask for a 'Duty Inspector'.

Your Union office staff can also provide HSR's with support for preparing a PIN and support after issuing a PIN, as well as alternative options for resolving safety issues.

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