WA gender pay gap better but still Australia’s worst

UnionsWA today commented on the release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of new data that shows the difference in pay between women and men in Western Australia remains the worst in the country, despite a slight improvement. 

WA and Australian gender pay gap

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Bringing the focus home after the Federal Election

 Our volunteers in Burt and Cowan really made a difference

The count is almost over but the result is in. The Turnbull government has been returned with the slimmest of margins. However, an election is about more than just the people elected to office. It is a contest of values, issues and ideas and how these are fought out and how they come together to shape government and our society. This election was also a turning point for union members and our values.

It's time to take the lessons learned federally and turn our focus to the State Election in 2017.

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Facebook penalty pay comments – “just not good enough”

UnionsWA has today responded to comments on penalty rates by Prime Minister Turnbull made during the Leader’s Debate on Facebook.

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Test sacking policy not helpful

UnionsWA has today commented on a proposal by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA calling for legislative changes to remove unfair dismissal protections for those subject to drug-testing. The full statement for media follows and this is Meredith addressing media today:

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Minimum wage attacks worst in history

Coinciding with the start of hearings today by the WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Wage Case, UnionsWA has commented on the sustained attacks being made by employers, their peak bodies and governments on the Minimum Wage.  The State Wage case affects around 200,000 working West Australians on the minimum wage and reliant awards as well as many trainees and apprentices.

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Six Myths about the Minimum Wage

It’s that time of the year when the WA Industrial Relations Commission sets the Minimum Wage.  Business has recommended that there be no increase, the Barnett Government that it increase by 1.25% and UnionsWA has recommended a 4.4% increase.


Many of the arguments by UnionsWA for an increase in the minimum wage are because the cost of living has gone up so much.  Low-paid people tend to spend much more of their income on essentials such as housing or electricity.  These costs that have been going up more than by inflation. Most of us understand this argument.

Here we want to counter some of the key myths that conservatives use to argue against improving the minimum wage.     

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Budget – Old and tired not good enough

UnionsWA today commented on the release of the 2016 WA state budget including continuing and wide-ranging job and services cuts, increases in fees and charges and continuation of the government’s failed privatisation agenda.

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Australia's longest strike


The longest strike in Australian history began on 1 May 1946.  The planning had begun during the war and required sophisticated organisation to coordinate hundreds of workers across vast stretches of WA's Pilbara region. The victories were numerous and far-reaching.  So why is this event almost forgotten and rarely taught or talked about today?

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Don’t sell out people’s wages


By Dave Oliver, Secretary, ACTU

I try not to waste time on Martin Ferguson these days but the stench of hypocrisy can, at times, overwhelm even those with the strongest stomachs. Mr Ferguson’s new found opposition to Sunday penalty rates, printed in The Australian last week, is one of those times.


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Truck deaths remembered – WA action needed

Copy_of_Unions-WA-with-web.jpg TWU.jpg

UnionsWA and the Transport Workers Union have today, International Workers' Memorial Day - commented on the high number of truck and work related fatalities and called for greater preventative action.

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Unity training