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Saving lives and preventing injury – reforms urgently needed

UnionsWA has today commented on the release by the McGowan Government of major report recommending urgently needed reforms to work health and safety laws in WA.  These laws cover workplaces for the vast majority of working West Australians and are essential for preventing work-related death, injury and illness.


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New ABS data: WA, for richer & poorer

UnionsWA has commented on the release today by the ABS of new Local Government Area data on income which shows that nationally four of the top five areas with the highest median incomes are in WA. However, WA is the only state in Australia where median incomes are falling.

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WA pay decision disappointing

UnionsWA has today commented on the decision by WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Wage Case, which sets wages for over a hundred thousand working West Australians on the WA Minimum Wage and reliant State awards including many trainees and apprentices.


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Low paid and economy need more

UnionsWA has today commented on submissions published overnight in the WA State Wage Case and called for a $50 per week or 6.2% pay rise for WA’s lowest paid workers and those on State Awards.

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More privatisation doesn’t add up

UnionsWA has commented on the release today of the Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement (available online here) and the announcement of a scoping project to consider privatisation of Landgate.

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Call for Domestic Violence Leave for all

As part of the International 16 Days of Action Against Gender Based Violence, UnionsWA and affiliated unions today met with the WA Minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence, Simone McGurk to hear about action being taken by the State Government to reduce the incidence of family and domestic violence. As a priority, unions are seeking to ensure paid family and domestic violence leave is available for all working people.


Minister McGurk (quoted below)

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Unions welcome end to payroll tax loophole

UnionsWA has welcomed the report today that the WA State Government will move to close a loophole that has meant employers have been claiming payroll tax exemptions for trainees.

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Why Collie matters for us all

You might be forgiven for thinking that an industrial dispute involving a small number of workers in the WA rural community of Collie might not matter much to you. If so, you'd be wrong. The implications of the Griffin Coal dispute are profound and will resonate up to and beyond the next federal election.


Meredith Hammat, UnionsWA Secretary, addressing striking workers of Collie.

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WA Industrial Relations Review an opportunity for change

UnionsWA has today commented on the announcement by the WA Government of a review of West Australian industrial relations system. Over 100,000 working West Australians are covered under these WA laws, including those on the WA Minimum Wage, apprentices, trainees and those employed in small business.

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Budget blows cause pain

UnionsWA has commented on the release of the first Budget by the Mc Gowan Labor Government critical of the planned loss of 3,000 public sector.

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Unity training