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Occupational Health & Safety Training

The choice of training provider lies with the safety and health representative (SHR), not the employer.

Health and Safety Representative Training

An elected representative can advise the employer of their intention to attend their selected training provider.

UnionsWA supports Unity Training Services as an accredited and preferred provider. 

The regulations require that a Health and Safety representative must give 21 days written notice to attend the next available training course,  but due regard given to the need to minimise any adverse effect on the operation of the business, so the employer may decline the first date but not the second.

Health and Safety Representative Elections

Any employee who works at a workplace can give notice to their employer that they want a safety and health representative elected for their workplace.  [Section 29 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984]

Once an employer has received this request in writing they must respond within 21 days. [Section 30(1)]

The employer can also, at any time, require the election of a Safety and Health Representative for the workplace.  [Section 30(2)]

Before any election is held or Reps appointed the employer and employees should nominate an employee delegate to meet and discuss matters relating to the election process.

Any employee at the workplace can be nominated and elected by a majority decision of the employees at the workplace as being acceptable to represent the interests of the employees at that workplace.  [Section 30(2)(3)(3a) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984]

Care must be taken to ensure that the sectional interests of employees are catered for.  For example, people working on a shift roster may need to have the various shifts represented at the consultation phase to ensure that relevant issues are considered at that time and that representatives are elected on their shift.  

Large organisations may have numerous departments with special interests requiring representation also.  People from non-English speaking backgrounds or cultural minorities all need to have their interests and concerns catered for.

Unity training