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Work Health and Safety Act Events

  FREE WHS Act Training - 2024

WA is now in the second year of our WHS Act - is your workplace compliant? 

In 2024 UnionsWA is continuing to host Work Health and Safety Act online information sessions, funded by the WA Government, for the general public and to our union movement. WA Unions campaigned successfully for key changes to safety laws, and we must make sure that all workplaces are doing the right thing by all workers, as including visitors and volunteers to workplaces.   RSVP via the links below!

Overview sessions will provide participants with an introduction to the new WHS legislation and what the changes mean to your workplace. You might have heard about new obligations for your employer to prevent psychosocial hazards in the workplace (mental health hazards).   ​Codes of Practice Sessions explore these important changes to protect you from bullying, workload, trauma and many other psychosocial hazards.

Are you a Part-Time worker?

Session days of the week are rotated - please look out for other dates/days in the future if you can't attend the published dates.


All Sessions - if your workplace/union would like to arrange a standalone session for a group of 8 or more workers please contact Julia Armitt via [email protected] 


Codes of Practice - WHS Act: Training in the workplace (Free) - Online or In-person (Up to 1.5hrs)

This session covers the 3 updated and restructured and new, Codes of Practice, in the psychosocial hazard/workplace mental health space: Violence & Aggression, Workplace Behaviour, Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace

Upcoming Sessions:

Becoming a Workplace Health and Safety Rep (Free) - Online or In-person (45mins)  

This lunch and learn is open to all workers, especially those interested in stepping up into the vital role of Health and Safety Rep (HSR) and those interested in promoting better safety structures in their workplace. BYO lunch!  (If you are looking for a 5 Day Course for newly elected Safety Reps - please visit 

Upcoming sessions:

Overview - WHS Act: Training in the workplace (Free) - Online or In-person  (2hrs)

Attendees will have a better understanding of the key changes in the new Act. Sessions are suitable for: Union Delegates, Safety Reps, and any interested workers

Training for Union staff (Free) - Online or In-person  

Sessions are suitable for Union staff members - especially those who have recently started working for a Union for the first time or missed a previous session, or those staff who wish to refresh on the WHS laws /Codes.

If your union would like to arrange a standalone session for a group of union employed workers on any areas of the WHS Act/Codes, please contact Julia Armitt or Owen Whittle via [email protected] 


All the abovementioned sessions are funded by The Government of Western Australia - The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS)

Queries?  Contact [email protected] 

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