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Welcome pay rise, but more needed

UnionsWA has today commented on the release by the WA Government of its’ Mid-year Review that included details of an improved State Wages Policy for our public sector workforce and replaces the existing fixed, low cap.  Another significant policy announcement includes a welcome introduction of a COVID Isolation payment for working people in casual jobs. 

Owen Whittle, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The axing of the fixed $1000 pay cap for our public sector workforce is welcome and has happened earlier than planned.

“While the offer falls short of our claim, this will deliver a real pay rise for our public sector workforce which has been achieved by union members campaigning against the previous unfair wages policy.

“Unions need to see the details of this new framework and for those in bargaining or with workplace agreements expiring, the devil is in the detail.

“For many running our essential public services, their pay has gone backwards since 2017 and this new policy will only go part way to making up for those losses.

"Union members will decide in bargaining whether they accept the State Government’s wages offer.

“The announcement of the introduction of a COVID Isolation payment is a welcome decision called for by unions which will protect the most vulnerable working people in casual jobs who risk loss of income when required to comply with health orders due to COVID exposure.

"This will ensure that casual workers do not have to make the impossible decision between going to work unwell or paying the rent.

“This COVID Isolation payment will help to keep us all safe.”

Further information

The newly announced State Wages Policy is for a two year framework, applying to EBA’s that commence from September 2021 onwards. The policy will apply a 2.5% per annum increase for two years. In addition, bargaining may result in either an extra 0.25% increase per annum for service or productivity improvements OR a one-off payment at the commencement of an EBA of $1,000 and these additional trade-off components will be met within agency Budgets.

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