Unions welcome end to payroll tax loophole

UnionsWA has welcomed the report today that the WA State Government will move to close a loophole that has meant employers have been claiming payroll tax exemptions for trainees.

UnionsWA Secretary, Meredith Hammat said:

"The discovery that some businesses have been claiming payroll tax exemptions for training of CEO's and senior managers as a way of avoiding payroll tax is shocking.

"We welcome the State Government move to close this loophole.

"Business should be paying their fair share of tax, money that funds our schools, hospitals and other public services.

"This loophole has also artificially inflated training numbers, meaning we perhaps aren't providing training and job opportunities to as many young people as we think. 

"The closure of the closure of this loophole and the commitment to the training of young West Australians in our TAFE systems is welcomed."

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