Union Pay Rally Proceeds - UnionsWA

Union Pay Rally Proceeds

Following a large joint meeting of public sector unions representing police, firefighters, prison officers, teachers, child protection, health and other public sector workers, UnionsWA has announced that the campaign for negotiations and fair pay for our public sector workforce and the planned rally at Parliament House on Wednesday 17th August, will proceed.

Owen Whittle, Secretary, UnionsWA, said:

“While the revised State Wages Policy is an improvement and a welcome acknowledgement that public sector workers deserve a pay rise, the need for genuine bargaining and a fairer outcome for all in the public sector remains.

“The new policy does not adequately offset inflation over the two years it covers.

“Further, it comes off the back of pay going backwards in real terms for most over the past five years.

“The improved offer may be approved by some groups of union members as the one-off payment does deliver benefits to low wage public sector workers, but for other workers it continues real wage cuts in the second year of the agreement.

“There’s a serious problem in the second year when the one-off payment that is not on the base wage is long gone and the 3% rise fails to keep pace with inflation.

“Our rally will be going ahead on Wednesday 17th August to send a clear signal to government – treat your workforce with respect.

“The Government forced real wage cuts onto the public sector to help the Budget deficit.

“We’ve worked through the pandemic.

“Public sector workers deserve a real pay rise.”

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