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Putting Our Kids First


Putting Our Kids First is an union, parent principal and community organisations and individuals angered by the Barnett Government’s decision to cut deeply into funding our public education system.  

The Barnett government cuts to public education sector include:

  • Almost 600 teaching positions cut and a freeze on the hiring of new teachers at public schools.
  • 1,000 Education Assistant positions cut, meaning less assistance for kids who need it the most.
  • 94 Aboriginal Islander Education Officer positions cut.
  • 30 per cent cut from each schools Support Program Resource Allocation.
  • Schools charged for long service leave at $600 per teaching staff and $400 per support staff, totalling more than $13.25 million a year.

Providing our children with a quality education should be the State Government’s first priority, not its last.  To find out more or register your interest in the campaign please go to www.puttingourkidsfirst.com.au.  

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