May Day 2020 Online - UnionsWA

May Day 2020 Online


We've met and overcome obstacles before. This year we are taking our May Day celebration online so that we can all be safe.  Proceedings will be livestreamed on the UnionsWA Facebook page from Noon, Friday 1st May. ACTU Secretary Sally McManus will give an address with UnionsWA Secretary Meredith Hammat the MC. There will be music and although we can't offer all the fun of our traditional May Day Festival we have a Best Dressed Dog Competition and a Children's Colouring-in Game, each with prizes (see details here).


May 01, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm
FaceBook Livestream
Denese Kelly Justin Brockett Thomas Meagher Michelle O'Driscoll Lisa Baker Denise Henden Sharon Webb Sanna Andrew Paul Cecchini Lisa Jackson Lenore Howard Karen Mann Warren Daniel Curtis Mckinley Jennifer Hinkley Hughes Mla Angela Briant Nadia Nelson Andrew Dul Sarah Seymour Judith Whittle Josh Wilson Lynda Willis Patricia Bushby Lewis Price Danni Figg Keryn Anderson Judith Lichtenzveig Patricia Dooey Cheryl Hamill Lisa-Maree Bahls carolyn wall Colleen Mack Robert Knox Mark Donaldson jed McKellar Necitas (Cita) Mol Rudin Johari Jonelle Rafols Tonya Lamatoa Michelle Hackett Robbie Williamson Rodney Boyes Juanita Doorey Jacqueline Johnstone Raj Kullup Bev Johnson Scott Fitzgerald

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