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Sign Our Petition to Keep Bankwest Strong and Local


This petition of concerned Bankwest Staff and citizens of Western Australia calls on our local politicians to commit to maintain and preserve the guarantees of a strong Bankwest contained in The Bankwest Act.

Particularly we call on commitment to protect the following:

To ensure that CBA commits to the provisions in the Amendment Bill beyond 2017:

  • to uphold the number of branches, stores and business centres to current levels.

  • to uphold the number of regional centres.

  • to continue the funding and sponsorship of West Australian community groups and development initiatives.

What could happen in 2017 if these provisions are not continued:

  • Jobs at Bankwest Place rationalised and moved interstate to CBA HQ in Sydney.

  • Regional stores/branches closed and merged with nearby CBA branches.

  • Community organisations that rely on grants and funding from Bankwest could lose essential funding for their programs and initiatives.
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