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Injured & Families Better Supported

UnionsWA has responded to the introduction into the Parliament of The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Bill 2023 by the WA Government.  


Lisa Judge, UnionsWA Acting Secretary said:

“This is an important step to reform WA’s system for supporting working people who have been injured or made ill through their work.

“An injury or illness is serious if it keeps someone away from work for three months or longer.

“This Bill proposes to more adequately provide income for up to six months – that’s essential to any working person and their family to ensure they can meet mortgage payments and high costs of living.

“Improved coverage of medical expenses in this Bill is also welcome.

“It’s hard enough having to cope with the trauma of a serious injury or illness without recovery being hampered by financial worries.

“The Bill could and should have gone further to relieve injured working people and their families of the great financial worry that can quickly turn a tragedy into a disaster.

“A welcome reform is the banning of employers from attending confidential medical appointments along with an employee.

“It is disappointing that superannuation is still not payable on compensation payments – this particularly disadvantages working women who also miss out on superannuation payments for parenting leave.

“This omission of superannuation means that unions must negotiate it into Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

“Injury and illness are not a holiday and the failure to provide for leave to accue during compensation payment periods is poor form. “

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