Delayed rise for low paid disappointing - UnionsWA

Delayed rise for low paid disappointing

UnionsWA has today responded to the decision by the WA Industrial Relations Commission for the State Wage Case, which determines the pay of around 250,000 working West Australians reliant on awards, including those on the WA Minimum Wage, trainees and apprentices.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The WA Industrial Relations Commission today decided to award a 1.75% pay increase, but delayed it being implemented for six months commencing on or after 1 January 2021.

“From next year the State Minimum Wage for a full-time adult will be $760 per week.

“This is a very modest wage increase.

“It is disappointing that it will be delayed until next year as essential day-to-day costs of living are still rising for low paid workers.

“This decision has the greatest impact on our lowest paid workers and by necessity they spend all they earn in local businesses.

“We need to support more spending in our local economy to assist economic recovery, especially for the hospitality, tourism and retail industries.

“There is an important flow-on effect for the economy from this decision at a time when our economy is under stress and when the WA economy is particularly isolated and reliant on local demand.

“Even before the pandemic, economists, Treasurers and the Governor of the Reserve Bank were concerned about low wage growth that was failing to meet costs of living and negatively impacting our economy.

“It is important to note that the Commission rejected employer calls for a wage freeze.

“If wages are not increasing for award dependent workers, this means the Federal Government must play a bigger role in stimulating the economy.

“That is why they must not cut JobKeeper or JobSeeker in September.

Further information

The formal decision by the WA Industrial Relations Commission in the 2020 State Wage Case is available online here.

Submissions by all parties in this case are available here.


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