Bullying & harassment protection welcomed - UnionsWA

Bullying & harassment protection welcomed

UnionsWA has responded to the release by the WA Government of new workplace safety regulations that aim to ensure employers take responsibility for workplaces free from bullying, harassment, abuse and other psychosocial hazards.

Owen Whittle, UnionsWA Secretary said:

“When it comes to workplace psychosocial harm, employers can no longer sit on their hands.

“These regulations are an important step in the implementation of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2022, a change of law that modernised WA workplace laws to recognise the realities of today’s workplace.

“Too often workplaces are the site of bullying, aggression, sexual assault and unreasonable workload pressures that cause harm to the mental health of working people.

“Too often such harm is perpetrated by a male boss and the victim is a working woman.

“Everyone deserves to be safe at work.

“Regulations provide a clear guide to employers which, if not followed, can be used by courts in determining culpability as a part of prosecutions.

“For too long psychosocial safety has been a poor cousin to other forms of workplace harm that are more visible.

“WA’s new laws and these regulations will assist in ensuring that psychosocial safety is appropriately regulated and that employers can be prosecuted for ignoring or contributing to harm."

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