Bill to better protect 250,000 West Australians

Bill to better protect 250,000 West Australians

UnionsWA has today commented on the release by the WA Government of a Bill to address anomalies and unfairness in WA’s industrial relations law, which underpin the rights of around 200,000 working West Australians. For the first time the Bill will enable those who have been subject to workplace bullying to seek help from the WA Industrial Relations Commission. IN the video below Meredith Hammat outline the key aspects of the Bill.


Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“There has been a lengthy process of consultation leading to this Bill which will modernise workplace laws in WA.

“Two years ago, the Ritter Review Report recommended a number of improvements to modernise WA industrial laws.

“The Bill will allow working people to access the WA Industrial Relations Commission to consider matters of workplace bullying.

“Aggression and violence, whether at home, in the community or in workplaces, is unacceptable.

“Workplace bullying is particularly serious as, in addition to physical and psychological harm, the person experiencing the aggression and violence is at also risk of losing their job.

“The Bill seeks to address out-dated exemptions from workplace protection.

“For example, domestic workers such as cleaners are not afforded the legal status and protection as a working person.

“Every working person in WA deserves to be protected under laws that ensure fair minimum standards of pay and conditions.

“Industrial inspectors, it is proposed, will have greater power to prosecute employers who are ripping off employees.

“This is essential to preventing wage theft.

“Penalties have been updated to reflect the need for prevention of unlawful conduct.

“The proposal to include local government employees under WA workplace laws is sensible and will help remove uncertainty.”

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