Anna Stewart Memorial Project


The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is a week-long program during which women from diverse workplaces and occupations spend time together discussing work and issues that affect union women.

It is fitting memorial to a former active Victorian union official who died tragically in 1983, aged 35. Her involvement with the union movement began at a time when women workers were poorly paid, lacked job security and skills recognition. 

Disappointingly, women are still fearful of job insecurity, are paid poor wages and are still under-represented in decision-making structures.

What is the Project about?

  • The aim of this project is to encourage women’s participation in unions.
  • To promote a greater awareness of the particular needs of female union members and the important contributions women can make to the development and growth of their union.
  • To facilitate a greater understanding of the industrial issues confronting women in both blue and white collar occupations.
  • To develop participants awareness of the ways in which women can work together to end the discrimination and exploitation of women workers in Australia.

While there is no charge for attending the course, participants do need to apply through their union for paid leave to attend or other arrangements with your employer.

Registrations for the 2016 Anna Stewart Memorial Project are now open.

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