Weekends should be equal for all - Unions WA

Weekends should be equal for all

UnionsWA today responded to the release by the Productivity Commission Workplace Relations Framework Draft Report

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Weekends are important to everyone; they should be equal for all.

“It’s an insult to propose that hospitality and retail workers should be paid less than others for weekend work.

“They have lower pay than most and value as equally as others time with family and friends.

“The Productivity Commission has shown scorn for workers in cafes, shops and hotels by proposing not one, but two pay cuts - lowering both penalty rates and the Minimum Wage.

“No doubt, for Barnett, this report is ‘music to his ears’.

“For working people the alarm bells are ringing.

“The Minimum wage provides a vital protection against workplace inequalities.

“The proposal to expand individual contracts to benefit employers over working people, poses a real threat to the rights at work and living standards of Australians.

“Cutting the pay of low paid workers won’t necessarily create jobs.

“What is certain is that pay cuts will hurt the working poor.

“Giving priority to lowering wages will drag down our economy.

“Well paid, secure, skilled jobs - that’s the kind of productivity the Commission and Abbott Government should be focussing on.”

Further information

‘Workplace Relation Framework Draft Report’ by the Productivity Commission, August 2015 is available here

The UnionsWA submission to the Productivity Commission report is available here, the ACTU submission is available here, while all submissions can be viewed here.

Written response to the draft is due by 18 September 2015

The Perth Public hearing will be held on 14 September at the Hotel Mercure, 10 Irwin Street, Perth.

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