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Wage Theft Submission

The WA Government is holding an inquiry into wage theft. Please write and submit below your story about wage theft in WA. When you hit "Submit" your story (which you will need to fill in in the space ... below) will be sent to UnionsWA and we will forward it to the Inquiry  as a submission. Please indicate clearly if you wish to remain anonymous or not. If you wish to remain anonymous we will respect your wishes and not forward any identifying details such as your email or name. If you are comfortable being identified, you can may add your family name below, which is optional. Submissions close Wednesday 27th March, so these are urgently sought now. Want to know more? See full details here. UnionsWA represents working West Australians, so we will not share information about you unless we have your permission. We will comply with your wishes and respect your privacy. Our privacy policy can be downloaded or reviewed online here.

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