WA Police Union reaffiliates with UnionsWA - UnionsWA

WA Police Union reaffiliates with UnionsWA

To assist its fight for more remuneration, more resources and more respite for its
7,000-plus members, the WA Police Union has reaffiliated with UnionsWA.


UnionsWA is Western Australia’s peak union body, representing more than 30
affiliated unions, which have more than 150,000 individual members.

“It’s great to welcome back the WA Police Union as an affiliate of UnionsWA, the
peak body of unions in WA,” said Owen Whittle, Secretary of UnionsWA.

“There’s much common ground on which we can work together, including seeking
a significant change in the McGowan Government’s wages policy that’s resulting in
the pay of public sector workers failing to keep pace with rising costs of living.

“WAPU’s recent Public Sector Alliance involvement and our combined WA State
Budget advocacy has strengthened our fight for better wages and conditions.”

WAPU had renounced its UnionsWA affiliation in 2010, but last year’s formation of
the UnionsWA-supported Public Sector Alliance was key to it returning to the fold.

“As a new member of the Public Sector Alliance, we’re committed to working
collectively with the likes of the Community and Public Sector Union/Civil Service
Association of WA, United Firefighters Union of WA and WA Prison Officers’ Union
to secure outcomes that represent a meaningful investment in public sector
workers, including coppers,” said Mick Kelly, President of the WA Police Union.

“Remuneration, resources and respite are the three central themes of our 2022
industrial agreement log of claims, with a 5% pay rise annually, a longer rostering
pattern and a right to disconnect among what we’re seeking for our members.”

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