Uni Sackings "short-sighted" - Unions WA

Uni Sackings "short-sighted"

UnionsWA has today supported academic and general staff at the University of Western Australia in condemning the sacking of 300 staff and appalling manner in which that decision was communicated to the community.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary, UnionsWA said:

"As the resources boom ends and unemployment rises, now is not the time for sackings in critical areas of education and research.

"This is short-sighted.

"We need to build, not demolish WA's capacity for highly skilled and professional workers.

"Otherwise our economy will miss out on the opportunities of the future.

"Education has a broader value as well, inspiring critical and creative thinking as well as inquiry.

"The kind of culture at a great institution such as the University of WA cannot be nurtured when it is so poorly managed.

"The manner in which all staff have been treated is appalling.

"Their National Tertiary Education Union representatives were not consulted in advance of the decision.

"All staff are left uncertain about their future.

"The reputation of the University has been harmed.

"Recent, detailed analysis by UnionsWA has shown that even in the face of the declining resources sector, employment across professional and technical occupations has grown.

"This decision and the manner in which it has been taken, means WA will not be as well placed to face the challenges of the future."


Further information

The UnionsWA/Save Our Services Local Jobs and Skills reports are available here.

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