Services pay freeze bad for public - Unions WA

Services pay freeze bad for public

UnionsWA and unions representing hospital, school, other service and professional employees have today commented on the announced pay freeze by WA Treasurer, Mike Nahan.


Meredith Hammat (Secretary, UnionsWA) at Parliament House with John Welch (WAPOU), Toni Walkington (CPSU) and Dan Hill (HSU).

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Services to the people of WA will continue to decline as a result of this pay cap.

“It comes on top of cuts to funding for our schools, hospitals and other essential services.

“WA’s population continues to grow, over the past year up by more than 30,000.

“Already announced staff cuts mean that our public service workforce is forecast to decline by over 10,000.

“Essential costs of living in WA remain high, with State Government charges for electricity, water and transportation rising above inflation.

“The Government’s own recent forecast for inflation in 2016-17 is a rise of 2.0%, so a pay cap of 1.5% represents a real cut.

“This pay cap will be felt hardest by low-paid public sector workers such as those who clean our schools and hospitals.


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