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Service station pay rip offs

UnionsWA today commented on an audit by the Fair Work Ombudsman of service stations in WA.  That report found that 40% of audited stations in WA were non-compliant for pay or in some way.  Twenty-one per cent of audited stations in Perth were found to have underpaid an average of $9,391 each.  

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“One in five service stations in Perth were found to owe an average $9,400 in under-pay, with a small number owing very much more.

“Service station attendants not well paid for long hours of often insecure work.

“Petrol stations can afford to pay their staff properly and there should be strong penalties for breaches.

“This audit is shocking. 

“Before the audit the Ombudsman found that half of all complaints involving services stations involved non-compliance. 

“After the audit the Ombudsman still found that 40% were non-compliant, even though every employer was warned in advance that there would be an audit.

“The report notes at page8, quote: “Perth employers with monetary contraventions were found to have underpaid staff more than any other region ($122,086.88)”, and, quote: “Of particular concern, in the Mid West – Gascoyne and Goldfields – Esperance region all ten employers audited were in contravention.

“Anyone unsure if they are being paid properly are urged to call the Unions Australia helpline on 1300 486 466.”


The Fair Work Ombudsman Report and media release is available at:

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