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Weekends should be equal for all

UnionsWA today responded to the release by the Productivity Commission Workplace Relations Framework Draft Report

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Recruiting new workers to unions

Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT gave this presentation to UnionsWA on recruiting new workers as union members. He presents a framework for how unions can communicate with and join up workers in the new economy.


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Statement on the use of Solidarity Park

The WA Union movement in no way supports nor endorses the use of Solidarity Park for the Reclaim Australia Rally to be held on the 19th of July, 2015.

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Fewer job opportunities for Australian workers under free trade agreements


The number of 457 visa applications that require employers to advertise the jobs to Australian workers first could slump to just 25 per cent because of Australia’s free trade agreements (FTA). 

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Rising WA unemployment needs solutions

UnionsWA has today commented the release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of labour force data showing a continuing rise in unemployment in WA particularly among men. 

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457 Rorts & Whistle Blower Sacked

This week a Senate Inquiry into the impact of Australia's temporary work visa programs on the Australian labour market and on the temporary work visa holders will hold hearings in Perth.

How timely that the ABC has found that a 457 worker who bravely blew the whistle on exploitation has been sacked. Check out the original story and follow up here


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Unions welcome FIFO report as first step to halting suicides

WA Unions have welcomed the tabling of The Impact of FIFO Work Practices on Mental Health: Final Report as the next step towards improving the mental health of FIFO workers.

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Low wage decision "deeply disappointing"

Low wage outcome “deeply disappointing”

UnionsWA has commented on the decision today by the WA Industrial relations Commission in the WA State Wage Case.

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Americanised working poor not the WA way

UnionsWA has today commented on hearings by the WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Wage Case, which will determine wages for around one hundred thousand working West Australians on the WA Minimum Wage and reliant awards as well as the decision in the Federal Minimum Wage Case that awarded a 2.5% increase.

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Royal Commission needed for work and mine deaths

UnionsWA has called for a Royal Commission to investigate mine and other work deaths in WA following increased in work fatalities in the WA resources sector.  The death of a mine worker at the Birla Nifty Copper Mine has highlighted the need for an independent mines safety body backed by stronger safety laws.


Photo courtesy of ABC


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Unity training