China FTA threat to workers

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre has released a report by Professor Alan Duncan on the China Free Trade Agreement. The report described concerns about labour market testing as "legitimate", and further that there "is some nervousness about the agreed policy for Chinese-financed investment projects in Australia being supported by migrant workers without the requirement for local labour market testing. Trade agreements shouldn’t be allowed to affect labour standards adversely, or crowd out local labour market opportunities." (page 58). 

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Racist slurs ignore exploitation

In an address today at the University of Western Australia for a forum on migration and mobility, Secretary of UnionsWA, Meredith Hammat, responded to recent comments by WA Treasurer Nahan and Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA CEO, Deirdre Wilmott that described union concerns about temporary work visas as “racist”.

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WA work fatalities at 7 year high as WorkSafe cut

UnionsWA has today commented on the release of work fatality figures in WA that show these are the highest for seven years just as massive cuts are affecting WorkSafe.


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Barnett promise: more weekend work for less pay

UnionsWA today criticised Premier Barnett for his promise to both extend Sunday trading and weekend hours of work as well as cutting penalty rates 

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Canning by-election about jobs? Bring it on!


The ACTU and UnionsWA today announced details for their strategy during the Canning by-election campaign. 

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WA unemployment and redundancies rise

UnionsWA has today commented on the release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of July unemployment figures showing a significant increase in unemployment in WA.  This has occurred as WA Government redundancies arising from Budget cuts begin to take effect.

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Weekends should be equal for all

UnionsWA today responded to the release by the Productivity Commission Workplace Relations Framework Draft Report

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Recruiting new workers to unions

Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT gave this presentation to UnionsWA on recruiting new workers as union members. He presents a framework for how unions can communicate with and join up workers in the new economy.


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Statement on the use of Solidarity Park

The WA Union movement in no way supports nor endorses the use of Solidarity Park for the Reclaim Australia Rally to be held on the 19th of July, 2015.

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Fewer job opportunities for Australian workers under free trade agreements


The number of 457 visa applications that require employers to advertise the jobs to Australian workers first could slump to just 25 per cent because of Australia’s free trade agreements (FTA). 

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Unity training