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Rheem Clean Energy Job Losses

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The Conservation Council of WA and UnionsWA today commented on the announcement by Rheem that it will cease manufacturing in WA, with a loss of 100 jobs, many for producing solar heating products.

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Barnett weekend pay cut clashes with WA Minimum Wage & Award decision

UnionsWA has commented on today’s decision by the WA Industrial Relations Commission in the State Minimum Wage case.  That case affects an estimated 100,000 minimum wage and State Award reliant workers.  UnionsWA also criticised the recent announcement by Premier Barnett that his government proposes to legislate to cut weekend and after-hours pay. 

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Welcome but warning on asbestos move

UnionsWA today welcomed an announcement by the WA Government that it has referred to the Law Reform Commission a review of compensation laws for victims of asbestos but warned that delay and detail will be key to securing justice.

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Worst WA training fall for five years

UnionsWA today commented on the latest release by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) of apprentice and trainee numbers in WA that show the fall in numbers to be the worst for five years.  Recent state budget increases to training fees and funding cuts to TAFE are likely to hasten this decline.

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Hotel owner low wage pay freeze “extreme greed”

UnionsWA today commented on submissions made public in advance of the WA State Minimum Wage case including the call by the Australian Hotels Association (WA) for the minimum wage to be frozen in WA.

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Busting Budget Myths

How can it be that WA has a first rate economy but second rate government finances?

Many hold as faith that the downgrading of the financial ratings for the WA Government is the result of Canberra ripping off our GST and there being too many over-paid public sector workers.

But are these views based on myth or reality?

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Audit Report: “a race to the bottom for a rat-race at the bottom”

Following the May Day march through Fremantle today UnionsWA released new data estimating the impact in WA of proposed cuts to the minimum wage and of relocation of long term unemployed youth.  UnionsWA and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) called on the Abbott Government to immediately reject these proposals from the recent Commission of Audit Report.

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ACTU Indigenous Leaders Program

Western Australia 9 – 13 June 2014

Many Australian unions are engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members and communities through their representative structures, industrial campaigns and multilateral employment and community agreements.


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Why May Day Matters

Not many West Australians know that this is the season Noongar people call Djeran, signifying the start of cool and pleasant weather and known as a time to fish and collect seeds.

Many of our commemorations are grounded in British and European tradition and timed according to those climates.

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200 work deaths while Barnett stalls on safety laws

Commemorating work fatalities on Worker’s Memorial Day, UnionsWA has criticised the Barnett Government for failing to streamline and strengthen health and safety laws.

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Unity training