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National and WA rallies put Abbott on notice

rally_media.jpgTogether with the National Union of Students, UnionsWA has today, the Labour Day holiday in WA, announced details of a rally in Perth as part of a National Day of Action to fight attacks on worker’s rights, living standards, penalty rates and rising costs for health and education under the Abbott Government.

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TAFE Campaign Launch

Save Our Services, a group led by UnionsWA on behalf of public sector unions and community members, has today launched the first phase in a new campaign opposing TAFE fee increases, course reductions and funding cuts.  An online video, advertising and targeting of emails to MPs will feature strongly in the lead-up to the Mid-Year Financial Statement due shortly and rumoured to include further funding cuts and cost increases.

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Don’t discriminate against charities Barnett

UnionsWA has today presented at hearings for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Taxation Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, a new Bill that proposes to discriminate against union charities to deny access to payroll tax breaks while giving these to employer charities and others.


Steve McCartney and fellow Australian Manufacturing Worker’s Union member volunteering for Feed the Little Children Inc in the Kimberley. If this Bill passes, those kids get less.

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Workers can’t trust Barnett on work safety, again and again

UnionsWA has commented on the delayed introduction into the WA  Parliament today of a Green Bill that will weaken work health and safety and criticised the Barnett Government for stating it will follow the lead of Tony Abbott in a review to further weaken national protections.

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Quarter billion dollar public land rush sale – a property developer dream?

UnionsWA has questioned today’s announcement by the Barnett Government that it will sell public land estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

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WA gender pay gap an Australian worst

UnionsWA today commented on the release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of new data that shows the difference in pay between women and men in Western Australia is the worst in the country. 


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Work health safety laws delayed while WA deaths rise

UnionsWA today criticised the Barnett Government for holding yet another consultation process over work health and safety law reform.

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Media Release: Pregnancy Discrimination Widespread in WA Workplaces

UnionsWA today commented on the Perth presentation by Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, on the National Review into Pregnancy and Return to Work.

The report found that one in every two Australian women face pregnancy discrimination at work.  32% of mothers who experienced discrimination due to pregnancy either sought other work or resigned and 18% where dismissed, made redundant or had their jobs restructured during pregnancy.

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WA work deaths worsen while Australia improves

UnionsWA has commented on the release today by SafeWork Australia of its ‘Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Australian 2013’ report which shows that work deaths in WA have risen for the first time since 2006, while nationally there have been falls over the past eleven years.

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Sign the MUA Petition


Please sign the MUA petition, asking the Senate to stop the issuing of Maritime Crew (subclass 988) visas to foreign workers.


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