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New Support to Fight Wage Theft


In the fight to stop wage theft, UnionsWA has today launched a new website and an associated supported referral service, Pay Rights.

Owen Whittle, Acting Secretary UnionsWA said:

“Wage theft can take many forms – unlawfully low or no pay for work, extra hours of work not paid or unpaid superannuation, among others.

“We know from the WA Inquiry in Wage Theft that not only is it widespread, but that it hits many vulnerable working people hardest, such as young people, migrants with only temporary work rights and those in sectors such as harvest work as well as parts of the hospitality and retail sectors.

“At the heart of wage theft is an unfair balance of power exploited by dodgy employers.

“The new web site and associated supported referral service is one part of trying to address this problem by providing clear, accurate and assessable information back-up with support for referrals for legal advice, action against dodgy employers and redress.

“Site content has been translated into community languages including Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Spanish and French, which reflects the high-risk and low level of knowledge of many migrants who have only temporary work rights such as overseas students, work-tourist and Class 4 visa holders.

“Audio-description files of the site in English and community languages is provided both as a downloadable file and playable on site - essential for those with literacy difficulties or those with a vision impairment or who are blind, and convenient for those who prefer to listen to recordings of content in their own time and place, often young people.

“This work also includes support for victims of wage theft to aid them in clarifying options, sometimes complex, for action such as recouping stolen wages or prosecution of employers.

“While the option to join a union is provided, information and supports are not conditional upon union membership.

“Any working person who has suffered wage theft will be able to access information and referrals support freely and confidentially.

“This work, and similar projects including those at employer peak bodies, came out of recommendations from the Wage Theft Inquiry and is supported by a grant from the WA Department of Mines, Industrial Relations and Safety.”

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