Mid-Year Review – good, could do better - UnionsWA

Mid-Year Review – good, could do better

UnionsWA has commented on the release of the Mid-Year Review for 2020-21.

Owen Whittle, Acting Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The revised Treasury forecasts for jobs and economic activity across WA are reassuring given the many difficulties and uncertainties faced by West Australians this year.

“During the pandemic, indeed today and for the foreseeable future, the safety and wellbeing of West Australians is largely reliant on the dedication of our public sector workforce.

“The strong financial position of the WA Government is, to a significant extent, the result of years of poor pay rises borne by our public sector workforce.

“It is sad to note that the Government has failed to acknowledge the real cuts that many in our workforce have taken to their pay over almost four years of wages being suppressed below rises in costs of living.

“Economically, WA is not out of the woods yet and a boost to economic demand through wage rises is one missing component that a fair state wages policy can and should deliver.

”The funding included in this statement to return the Peel Health Campus to public ownership and management is welcome.

“Hospital services are a crucial aspect of our public services, at no time more important than at present.

“The return of this hospital into public hands will result in better outcomes for our health workforce and the Peel community.

“A number of infrastructure investments included in this statement are also welcome, including for our transportation, schools, hospitals and renewable energy systems.

“Of course, our public infrastructure is only ever as good as the people that ensure it is functioning well for the public good.

“In that regard the state wages policy is a disappointment.

“Overall, the review is good, but could do better.”

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