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Low Pay Rise Welcome

UnionsWA has responded to the decision today in the WA State Wage Case that awarded a $40.90 per week increase to the WA Minimum Wage in full time employment, equivalent to a 5.25% increase.

Owen Whittle, Secretary, UnionsWA, said:

“This increase of $40.90 for the lowest paid working people in full time work WA is welcome.

“It’s an increase won by unions in the face of opposition from employers.

“It’s appropriate that this increase is greater than the recent Federal Case, as costs of living are rising faster in WA than elsewhere across Australia.

“Also covered by this decision are those on WA Awards, including apprentices and trainees.

“Those on WA Awards will get at least the $40.90 per week for those in in full time work and some 4.65% if on average or higher wages.

“The new WA minimum wage for an adult in full time employment is $819.90 per week.

“There’s a message here for all employers about the need to attract and retain working people as costs of living increase – they must offer decent pay rises.

“Outside of the Minimum Wage and Award pay, our industrial relations system is rigged in a way that makes it too easy for employers to profit from wage rises below inflation.

“Our pay setting systems need to change to improve pay outcomes for all working people.”

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