Low paid and economy need more - UnionsWA

Low paid and economy need more

UnionsWA has today commented on submissions published overnight in the WA State Wage Case and called for a $50 per week or 6.2% pay rise for WA’s lowest paid workers and those on State Awards.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary, UnionsWA said:

“A decent pay rise for the low paid is fair for them and good for our economy.

“Adults on the WA minimum wage earn only $18.66 per hour.

“These workers need additional income to meet rising costs of living.

“Further, for workers on lower rates of pay most of what they earn is immediately spent so they can meet essential costs of living.

“This spending goes almost entirely back into the local economy – an economy that needs a boost.

“We saw in the recent WA State Budget that essential costs for services such as electricity, water and vehicles charges will rise by 4.8% on average.

“That the State Government is recommending a $19.20 per week increase, around a 2.7% rise, is very disappointing.

“The claim from employers is even worse.

“They are proposing increases for low paid workers that are below inflation – from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA, only by 1.2% and the Australian Hotels Association (WA) is proposing just 1%.

“It is encouraging that the Western Australian Council of Social Services has recommended a $50 per week increase.

“Western Australia remains the most unequal society in Australia.

“We also have the worst gender pay gap in the country.

“Real reductions in wages can only increase unfairness and makes things harder for working people and their families”

Further information

All submission to the State Wage Case are now available online here.


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