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Invest Budget bonus

UnionsWA has today commented on the release by the WA Government of the Mid-Year Financial Projections for 2018-19. These projections now incorporate increased revenue for WA from the GST and improved finances generally that are a foundation for investing in a healthier public sector including redressing pay and staffing levels for our public sector workforce as well as household relief from rising fees and charges.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary, UnionsWA, said:

“Today’s financial projections present an opportunity for the WA Government to re-set our finances with a focus on better investing the bonus contained in these figures.

“The impact of WA’s poor finances has been felt the most among our public sector workforce.

“Staffing cuts have meant that those remaining carry increasing workloads to ensure services to West Australians.

“At the same time Government wages policy has meant most of our public sector workforce have experienced no growth in the real value of their pay for a number of years.

“Over many years, all working families across WA have had to meet the burden of rising essentials costs of living through increases to State fees and charges for water, electricity and vehicle expenses among others.  

“These figures show there is now an opportunity to provide some relief to working families.

“These financial projections should form the basis for a new direction for our public sector with a focus on investment.”

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