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Equal Pay Day

Saturday the 4th of September marks Equal Pay Day. This date is representative of the extra 66 days women workers in Australian have to work after the end of the financial year to receive the same average pay check as men.

Pay equity is currently going backwards - in WA the pay gap between men and women is currently a staggering 23%. For information on ways you can recognise Equal Pay Day see the fact sheet below or visit the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workforce Agency website here.


Also see below for an article on the pay gap by UnionsWA Secretary, Simone McGurk.

Women in Australia won ‘equal pay for work of equal value’ in 1969. Federal legislation to ban discrimination on the basis of sex was introduced in 1984. Despite both these hard-fought for achievements the pay gap between men and women is now higher than it was at the height of the women's liberation movement. It is also growing.

Election campaign: thank you for all your help

A big THANK YOU to the many union activists and supporters who assisted with the WorkChoices – whatever the name never again campaign during the federal election.

Between us we letter-boxed over 80,000 WorkChoices leaflets, spoke to thousands of voters, handed out thousands of flyers at train stations, distributed 350 No WorkChoices signs in marginal Perth electorates, held numerous street stalls and staffed a large number of polling booths.

The message given to all parties was loud and clear:  working people expect a decent safety net, protection from unfair dismissal, collective bargaining and an independent umpire.

While we wait to see who will form government, we can feel proud that our message was a strong element of the campaign ….

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Sharryn Jackson Walks A Day as a Childcare Worker
The decisions politicians make can have a huge influence on our working lives.

That is why, at this election, the LHMU has asked a number of Federal candidates around the country to spend a day as a childcare worker.
Can Mr Barnett really call himself a straight talker?
By Dave Kelly, LHMU WA
The Premier Colin Barnett likes to portray himself as a straight talking sort of guy; an honest politician that can be trusted. He said as much when he spoke to 300 LHMU workplace delegates at our convention in June.  He said, “Go back on my history in public life. What I say, I do.”

Saying you are a straight talker is clearly a positive to put to voters. But for the premier is it a line with substance?  Or is it just nice sounding fluff that is wheeled out when it sounds good and ignored when it is politically expedient?

Let’s look at the Premier’s handling of the state’s industrial relations laws...
Walk Against Warming this Sunday (15th August)

Walk Against Warming is Australia's largest day of community action on climate change and will take place nationally on Sunday August 15. Like never before, Western Australia’s future hangs in the balance and we have the opportunity through Walk Against Warming to show our politicians that we want to lead the way in replacing polluting fossil fuels with renewable energy. 

Walk Against Warming
Sunday 15th August
Fremantle Esplanade Reserve

UnionsWA calls for greater worker input into safety
The tragic death of a worker at a mine site in the West Australian Goldfields highlights the need for a greater empowerment of workers to identify and police risks.

UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk has said that unions are not opposed to the State Government’s new risk-assessment mine safety model but that it must allow workers to be involved in protecting their own safety.
Can you trust Tony to deliver?

Abbott’s paid parental leave back-flip increases concerns over whether he can be trusted to deliver.

Unions are again raising concerns about how sincere Tony Abbott’s commitment to paid parental leave really is. Abbott today announced changes to the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme including pushing back the starting date to half way through 2012. This comes on top of previous changes already announced whereby the scheme will now be paid at the woman’s rate of pay regardless of which parent decides to stay home.

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