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Employer and Barnett Government wage ask shown to be out of touch

Simone McGurk, Secretary UnionsWA, today commented on the decision in the WA State Wage Case by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC).  The WAIRC decided to award a 3.4% increase in the minimum wage, a rise of $20.60 to $627.70 per week for a full time worker, equivalent to a 54 cent per hour increase making the minimum hourly rate $16.52. 

Boom jobs need training, purchasing and planning, not stunts

Meredith Hammat, President, UnionsWA today responded to media reports that the Barnett Government and business executives will visit eastern states to attract skilled workers to take jobs in WA’s resources boom and highlighted the need for the Barnett Government to ensure better training and purchasing by resource companies as well as planning to address rising essential costs of living in WA.

New ABS data show disputes low in WA

Simone McGurk, Secretary UnionsWA has commented on today’s release of new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that show that industrial disputes in WA remain at historic low levels.  The ABS includes in its measure of industrial disputes both lock outs by employers and action taken by workers in support of union claims.

Federal Wage decision not enough for WA

Simone McGurk, Secretary UnionsWA today commented on the decision by Fair Work Australia in the Annual Wage Review.  Today Fair Work Australia announced that the Federal Minimum Wage would rise by 2.9% to $606.40, an increase of $17.10 per week for full time workers.  This decision will affect around 300,000 working people in WA who have their pay determined under Federal Awards.

National insecure work inquiry hearings visit Perth

Perth workers from across white and blue collar industries will today tell the national Inquiry into Insecure
Work how outsourcing, contracting and casualisation are impacting on their livelihoods, their families and
their futures.

Historic wage victory for low paid community sector workers

The Pay Up - No More Lip Service to Equal Pay campaign run by the Australian Services Union (ASU) on behalf of Community Sector Workers won an historic victory with a decision by Fair Work Australian.  See opinion from Simone McGurk click here

Local content and youth unemployment

Barnett Government’s failure on local content reflected in spiralling youth unemployment figures

ABS regional unemployment figures released today show the impact the Barnett Government’s local content failure is having on WA communities with spiralling youth unemployment.

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