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Bakers Delight admits to sending absent workers threatening letters
Bakers Delight senior management is apologising to junior staff at one of its Sydney shops who were threatened with the sack if they did not find replacements to work shifts when they were absent, including due to sickness or family commitments.
$8 an hour sparks push for inquiry
The leading union body and the workplace watchdog will hold urgent talks over demands for a government investigation into Perth's hospitality industry, after revelations some adult staff were paid just $8 an hour without penalty rates.
Removing AWA's won't hurt minimg, says visiting economist
It is "simply not credible" to claim that removing AWAs would damage the highly profitable mining industry, according to a visiting economist from the Canadian Auto Workers Union.
IR now prime reason for voters to switch, ACTU poll finds
MORE than four out of 10 voters considering switching to Labor at this year's federal election cite industrial relations laws as their prime concern, independent polling commissioned by the ACTU says.
Working mums battle prejudice
PARENTS penalised for trying to juggle work and family led discrimination payouts last year, with bosses forced to hand out nearly $500,000.
Children work longer for same money under WorkChoices
SCHOOL students as young as 15 are working at least 10 hours a week, often into the early hours, to make up for lost penalty rates under WorkChoices legislation, a study has found.
Govt Blocks WorkChoices survey
The federal government has refused to release old public opinion surveys on it original WorkChoices laws.
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