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Earners on $100k 'still need an award'
THE union at the forefront of negotiating common law contracts has warned that removing award coverage for workers earning more than $100,000 could undermine efforts to get young people into the skilled workforce.
The Econtech study that forms the basis of the employer ads is flawed, says Peetz
The Econtech study that claims that rolling back the Howard Government's IR laws would reduce employment and labour productivity in fact "tells us nothing about the effects of abolishing Work Choices", according to Griffith University Professor of IR, David Peetz.
ALP announces details of IR policy today
An ALP Government will remove employees earning $100,000 from the awards system; retain Work Choices' right of entry and pattern bargaining provisions; keep the secondary boycott laws in the Trade Practices Act; complete the bulk of its award simplification process in two years; allow AWAs to run their full five year-terms; and allow employers in AWA workplaces to continue to offer them to new workers during a transition period, Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd and Deputy Leader Julia Gillard announced today.
Academic finds that a report on the work of the ABCC is flawed
AN economic analysis on the work of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and its clampdown on the building industry was based on flawed principles, a union-backed review has found.
Survey of HR professionals offers ammunition for Opposition
A SURVEY of people who work in human resources has found WorkChoices has increased the complexity of employment arrangements and the need to resort to legal advice in many businesses.
Royal Perth Hospital staff walk out over pay
ABOUT 150 support staff have walked off the job at Royal Perth Hospital today in support of better pay and conditions.
Gravely ill Banto to sue Hardie
The anti-asbestos campaigner Bernie Banton says he plans to seek more compensation from building materials company James Hardie because his health has deteriorated further.
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