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Pay deal passes test, fails workers
A COLLECTIVE pay deal that would pass the Howard Government's fairness test was yesterday rejected by 300 workers of a South Australian abattoir because it left them financially worse off.
No choice at Work for overseas worker
HIS employment contract specified he would earn $40,000 a year and work a 38-hour week as a cook in the Star of India restaurant in Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains.
Statistics beat Hockey with his own stick
THE controversial findings of a Sydney University study that low-skilled workers on Australian Workplace Agreements earn about $100 a week less than their counterparts on collective agreements is backed by the most recent official statistics, new academic analysis shows.
Academics' access to AWAs cut
WHILE the Federal Government has attacked academics whose study of WorkChoices it disagrees with, it has also stopped researchers from getting crucial information to study the effects of the industrial relations system.
Migrant salaries lower than average wage for Aussies
AUSTRALIA'S latest wave of migrants are earning well below-average wages, despite most coming here on skilled visas.
Full-time at TAFE, working four jobs
TAFE students working part-time under Work Choices say they are juggling up to four jobs and being paid for fewer hours than they work, according to teachers and new research data.
Hockey goes over the top in Work Choices dogfight
KEVIN RUDD claims the Howard Government is prepared to say anything, do anything or spend anything in its desperate struggle to stay in office. In his wild defence of Work Choices, Joe Hockey is single-handedly justifying that allegation.
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