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Annual Events
  • International Commemoration Day

    Every year arround 440 workers are killed in work-related accidents (that equates to more than 8 per week). Diseases such as cancer and asbestos related illnesses cause an estimated 2,300 additional deaths per year (or 44 a week). Road accidents in Australia claim about 30 lives per week.

  • International Womens Day

    International Women's Day began in 1908 and is now a celebration of the strength and courage of women and the gains that they have made in improving their lives and those of their sisters. This year the Public Services International has adopted the issue of Women's Health as its theme for International Women's Day on the 8th March.

  • LWEP
  • May Day

    Join us for the labour movement’s biggest social event of the year.

    Since 1952 May Day has been one of Fremantle’s most colourful marches of working class solidarity and celebrates the achievement of workers obtaining the eight hour working day.

    Family fun rules supreme on the day with FREE live entertainment and performances, rides & slides, food and activities for the children. 

    Australia's May Day activities officially began in 1890, although some workers had achieved the eight hour day as early as 1856.  As more and more workers won the reduction in hours by solidarity and industrial action, the day was proclaimed as a holiday in all the states and became known as Labour Day. The Labour Day public holiday now occurs in March but unions retain the traditional May date to celebrate this important historical achievement as well as the labour movement in general.

  • MUACampaign
  • SOS Action Plan

  • EmpowerWA

  • WAjobsfromwaresources

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  • Don't Risk 2nd Rate Safety

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