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Workers deserve their share of the wealth too

Article by UnionsWA Secretary Simone McGurk in The West

Employer groups should be handing out concrete umbrellas to their members, given how often they predict the sky is about to fall in. First, the mining tax would ruin us, more recently a carbon price would do us in.

Building industry watchdog slammed over sham contracted migrants

An article from Crikey by Katie Weiss:

An economics and employment expert has lashed out at the government’s construction industry watchdog, saying the body ineffectively regulates migrant worker mistreatment through sham contracting.

WA workers will benefit from a price on carbon

From The West Australian, opinion piece by Gary Wood - Secretary of the WA District of the CFMEU Mining & Energy Division

As someone who has spent a large part of my life working on coal mines and who now represents workers in the coal industry, people may be surprised that I support putting a price on carbon pollution as an important and positive development for WA workers.

These people will understand my views when the emotion and scaremongering abates.  A carbon price, properly phased in, is vital for the future of mine workers and the rest of the WA workforce.

Big reform is always a tricky process and climate change is a particularly frightening issue – “a diabolical problem” as Ross Garnaut says. But we’re not going to get anywhere by burying our heads in the sand, crossing our fingers and hoping that Lord Monckton and Howard Sattler have somehow got the jump on every reputable scientific institution on the planet including our own CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology.

Carbon pricing package presents new opportunities for Australian industries

Dave Oliver, National Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union, on the new opportunities the Federal Government's price on carbon package presents.

One of the last typewriter factories in the world closed its doors in April. Orders had been dropping off for the Indian company for sometime.

The owners told the international media: "Demand for the machines has sunk in the last ten years as consumers switch to computers."

An understatement maybe but it's a simple reality; industries change and diversify all the time.

Barnett Backdown shows WorkChoices is electoral poison

Premier Colin Barnett’s latest distancing of his Government from implementing WorkChoices-type changes to WA work laws is an admission that those policies are damaging for working people, as well as electoral poison.

After gaining Government in 2008, then then Minister for Commerce Troy Buswell commissioned a former WorkChoices architect, Steven Amendola, to review WA’s work laws, an exercise that wasted over $1million of taxpayers’ money.

Report raises serious questions about Independent Public Schools policy

An independent report released today by researchers from the Curtin Graduate School of Business, exposes an agenda of cost-cutting and the shifting of risk and accountability, behind the State Government’s so called Independent Public Schools (IPS) “initiative.”

The report provides evidence that self-managing schools open the way for greater privatisation of the education system, increase the workload of education staff, undermine teaching by increasing administration, and most importantly, do not improve overall student learning outcomes.

Anti-privatisation campaign update

United Voice and the Health Services Union are continuing their campaign against the Barnett Government’s plans to privatise our hospitals. The Barnett Government has chosen Serco as the preferred tender to privately manage over 30 essential services at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, including cleaning, record keeping, and sterilisation of instruments.

A month ago the unions announced the discovery of a report by an independent UK inspectorate into a hospital in Scotland run by Serco. During that inspection 6 of the 8 wards failed basic hygiene standards.

Australia says YES to putting a price on carbon

It was great to see so many people at the Perth rally calling for a price on carbon on Sunday the 5th of June! 3000 people attended the Perth event with 45,000 people attending similar rallies held in capital cities around Australia.

Thank you to all the unions who attended to show their support.


From the Perth rally

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