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Doctor fired for IR activity: report
A West Australian Aboriginal health service fired a doctor because of her industrial relations activities, a human rights report has found.
Underpaid outworkers behind the glamour
On a wage of $3.60 an hour, the average Australian clothing industry outworker would have to work for 10 months to afford the Jayson Brunsdon dress modelled by Jennifer Hawkins last month.

More of Brunsdon's label is on show at this week's Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, but behind the glamorous face of the industry are thousands of underpaid workers.

Small bussines unfazed by unfair dismissal laws: poll
A new survey reveals the majority of small business operators would not be worried by any reinstatement of unfair dismissal laws under a new Labor government.
CCI report fails to show the whole picture
A report issued by the WA Chamber of Commerce is nothing more than propaganda for the Howard Government's unfair Workchoices and fails to represent the true situation for most in the workforce, said Dave Kelly, Secretary of the State's largest union.
Work stoppages toll through WA health system
Western Australia's largest union, the LHMU, will step up its campaign to win better wages for WA's lowest paid public sector workers, by extending rolling stoppages for a second consecutive week.
Exploitation of skilled migrants exposed
Conditions in remote Australian workplaces, where two foreigners died within three days in June, are so harsh that a leading immigration expert says they are "akin to slavery".
Earners on $100k 'still need an award'
THE union at the forefront of negotiating common law contracts has warned that removing award coverage for workers earning more than $100,000 could undermine efforts to get young people into the skilled workforce.
The Econtech study that forms the basis of the employer ads is flawed, says Peetz
The Econtech study that claims that rolling back the Howard Government's IR laws would reduce employment and labour productivity in fact "tells us nothing about the effects of abolishing Work Choices", according to Griffith University Professor of IR, David Peetz.
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