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EmpowerWA is a consortium of civil society partners including Conservation Council of WA (lead partner), UnionsWA, Aust Youth Climate Coalition, WACOSS, Be Living Smart Inc and the Uniting Church of Australia.  The project is funded under the Federal Government's Clean Energy Grants program and runs until September 2012.

Through the EmpowerWA program, UnionsWA is seeking to increase support for climate change action among union members and workers in WA. As a part of the program UnionsWA will be providing training that:
    - Builds an understanding of what a clean energy future means
    - Showcases inspiring individual and industry actions
    - Provides opportunities to learn more about carbon pricing and to develop meaningful actions

Go online to, or like the program on facebook to find out more. Contact UnionsWA to organise a briefing on the training and opportunities available for organisers, delegates and climate champions in your union.


Save Our Services
The State Government is implementing a plan that will see the quality of our public services suffer. This will affect all Western Australians who rely on services like health, education, community safety and public transport.
Western Australia is a wealthy State and the State Government can afford to provide us with quality public services. Instead of privatising services and taking resources out of the public sector, they should be investing in public services and the public sector workers who provide them. If they don’t, then the only way to Save Our Services will be to vote them out at the next State Election. Visit the Save Our Services website for more information.
Community Survey & Action Plan
In August and September of 2011, UnionsWA coordinated one of Western Australia's largest ever community surveys.  More than 7,000 Western Australians gave us their views about the quality of public services in WA and their expectations for the future.  Based on the survey's findings, which reveal serious concerns about the impact of privatisation and under-funding by the Barnett Government, we have developed an Action Plan to Save Our Services.



Download our Survey Results here:

SOS Survey Results (4.23 MB)

Download our Action Plan here:

SOS Action Plan (932.58 kB)



Climate Change is Union Business

Climate change is one of the most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond with urgent and decisive action to reduce pollution, improve energy efficiency and support the transition to a low carbon economy. Unions have been working hard at both national and international levels to develop real, workable and equitable solutions to this major problem.

A price on pollution
The introduction of a price on carbon pollution is fundamental for Australia to shift to a low pollution economy. A strong price on carbon is needed to provide a price signal to underpin the commercial viability of low pollution, renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

Australia Says YES to a price on carbon pollution

What if Australia says YES to making big polluters pay for what they pump into our skies?

We could reduce carbon pollution and invest in new, cleaner technologies. It would mean new industries and new jobs for Australian innovators. We could build a secure future powered by the wind and the sun. We'd have cleaner air and better health for our kids, grandparents, everyone. 

Union Climate Connectors and the ACTU have joined forces with Australia's largest and most influential environmental NGOs and civil society groups to make sure 2011 is the year Australia puts a price on pollution.

See the video and visit the website for more information:


WA Jobs From WA Resources

The current resources boom provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to develop a skilled workforce that will create new industries and jobs for the future.

However, this is not happening, with Colin Barnett allowing our big resources companies to send their engineering and fabrication work offshore.

While there are jobs up north while the big projects are being built, the skilled work we need to create apprenticeships and skills that last beyond the boom is being done overseas.

We want the State Government to pass laws to ensure we get WA Jobs From WA Resources.  What can be made here, should be made here.

Visit the campaign website for more information and to email your MP asking them to support local content legislation:


In Public Hands

 The In Public Hands campaign is being run by three unions (the Liquor Hospitality & Miscellaneous Workers Union, the Health Services Union and the Civil Service Association) in order to fight the State Government’s attempts to privatise essential services in our WA hospitals and schools.
The Western Australian government has announced plans to privatise health services at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Albany Health Campus, Armadale Health Campus, Midland Health Campus and Busselton Health Campus. They won't stop there. See the campaign website for more information and for ways to take action in order to prevent this happening.


Respect the Risk - Keep Our Prisons Safe

Respect the Risk’ is a campaign to recognise and protect the rights of WA Prison Officers by advocating for a better prison system.

WA’s prisons are at breaking point.


Rights on Site


Rights on Site is the campaign to get rid of the Australian Building and Construction Commission and make all Australian workers equal before the law.

Link to the Rights on Site Website


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