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About Us
About Us
About Us

UnionsWA is the state's peak union body, representing over 30 affiliated unions and their members.

Brief History

In April 2000, the Trades & Labor Council of Western Australia became simply UnionsWA, to coincide with the consolidation of various union based operations within Western Australia and the opening of "Unity House" on May Day, 2000.

Who's Who 2013


Meredith Hammat

Assistant Secretary 

Owen Whittle


Steve McCartney (Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union)

Senior Vice-President 

Carolyn Smith (United Voice)


Toni Walkington (Civil Service Association)

Anne Gisborne (State School Teachers' Union)

Stephen Price (Australian Workers' Union)

Mick Buchan (Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union)

UnionsWA is a democratic organisation, where affiliated unions elect the leadership group as well as the decision-making bodies of UnionsWA. We have a formal Constitution and Rules which sets out how the organisation functions, including the functions of our key decision making-bodies: UnionsWA Council and UnionsWA Executive.

Who makes up UnionsWA Council?

  • President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice Presidents (x4)
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Council members nominated from affiliated unions. Number of representatives depends on the size of the Union

UnionsWA Council is the supreme decision making body for the WA trade union movement. It meets monthly with delegates from all affiliated unions. The forum for the meetings offers an opportunity to exchange information; debate and consider union and community issues and campaigns and to educate union delegates on current issues. Union members and community activists are welcome as observers.

Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, commencing at 6pm.

Who makes up UnionsWA Executive?

  • President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice Presidents (x4)
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Executive Members (x20) from a variety of union industry Groups

The Executive meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 8.30am, which is one week before the monthly Council meeting. Other meetings are called as required. Council is the main decision making body of UnionsWA, so all Executive decisions must be ratified (final approval) by Council.


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