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News Media Releases Abbott admits workers have lost protections under WorkChoices & won't get them back
Abbott admits workers have lost protections under WorkChoices & won't get them back
Friday, 16 November 2007 18:33

Senior Minister Tony Abbott has admitted that protections for Australian workers have been stripped away by WorkChoices and they won't be coming back under a re-elected Howard- Costello Govt says the ACTU.

Amateur video footage reveals Mr Abbott telling a local electorate function on Tuesday he does not believe workers should have protection from being sacked unfairly and should simply ‘find a new job' .


ACTU President Sharan Burrow said:

"These are very revealing statements by a senior member of the Howard Government and former Workplace Relations Minister.

"They show that the Howard Government does not care about protecting workers' jobs and is not interested in providing workers with protection from being sacked unfairly.

"The Minister's exaggerated acceptance that workers' protections "in inverted commas" had largely gone under the Coalition's Work Choices IR laws shows he does not believe employees' wages and conditions should be legally protected at all.

"If they are being underpaid or ripped off, workers should go and get another job says the Minister.

"This shows just how out of touch the Liberals are with the pressures on working families to maintain their income and have a secure job.

"Mr Abbott's comments also confirm the Liberals are wedded to taking Work Choices further and will pursue a hardline industrial relations agenda if they are re-elected," said Ms Burrow.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow is in Adelaide today meeting with workers campaigning against the Howard Government's IR laws.

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