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News News CCI report fails to show the whole picture
A report issued by the WA Chamber of Commerce is nothing more than propaganda for the Howard Government's unfair Workchoices and fails to represent the true situation for most in the workforce, said Dave Kelly, Secretary of the State's largest union.

Mr Kelly ridiculed claims in the report that WA workers on AWAs are an average $460.90 per week better off than those on awards.

The Federal Government's own figures show that most AWAs are in industries such as hospitality and retail. Mr Kelly challenged the CCI to produce AWA figures for these industries.


"I challenge the CCI to produce a single worker on an AWA in hospitality or retail that is $460.90 better off on an AWA. They won't be able to because they don't exist," Mr Kelly said.

"The report is highly misleading because it bundles every worker, from every sector in the one basket," Mr Kelly said.

"It is no secret that workers in the mining industry receive a very high weekly pay packet, but that is not the experience of workers in industries like hospitality, retail, childcare, health and the service sector."


Mr Kelly pointed to the Government's own figures to show that only 29000 Australian workers on AWA's came from the mining sector.

"There are 70,000 AWA workers in the retail industry and 58000 in Hospitality. These workers continue to suffer under Workchoices and yet the CCI is suggesting that AWA's has actually increased their wages."

"The only thing AWA's are doing is making the rich richer and the poor poorer," Mr Kelly said.

Mr Kelly said AWA's had made workers in hospitality, aged care and childcare particularly vulnerable.

"Employers in these industries can get away with reducing pay, stripping away penalty rates and taking away any sense of job security," Mr Kelly said.

"It is laughable that the report states that AWA's give workers more choice, when staff are being forced to sign an AWA or risk losing their jobs."

Mr Kelly called on the CCI to come forward and clarify the report's findings.

"The fact is that low paid workers continue to suffer under AWAs," Mr Kelly said.

"There is no stronger evidence to this than the recent Fair Pay Commission's decision to raise the minimum wage by only $10.26 compared to $24 for workers under State awards."

"The CCI's report is designed to confuse the public about a very important issue. It is nothing more than political propaganda."

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