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News News Govt workplace ads have backfired: survey
The Federal Government's latest workplace relations advertising campaign has backfired, a new survey has found.

The Roy Morgan survey, commissioned by political activist group GetUp!, has found 45 per cent of Australians feel less positive towards the government's laws as a result of the multi-million dollar campaign.

Only 23 per cent say it has made them feel better about the laws.

Of the remainder, 24 per cent say the ads have mot made them feel differently about the laws, while eight per cent said they were not sure.

"Australians know bad policy when they see it," said GetUp! Executive Director Brett Solomon.

"And wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money on trying to convince them otherwise has only backfired badly on this government."

The ads were least effective with Labor voters, with only 10 per cent saying they felt better about the laws as a result of the ads.

Forty-five per cent of coalition voters say the ads made them more positive about the laws. But 18 per cent of coalition voters said it made them feel worse about the laws.

Among undecided voters, three times as many say the ads make them feel less positive (37 per cent) as more positive (12 per cent).

The survey of 623 randomly selected people was conducted nationally by telephone earlier this month.

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